Final Project

Linn Warme

  My final project is about movement, and it turned in to two different projects both about movement. The first project was to make a living surface with the feeling of something living was hiding underneath. To create this i … Continue reading

Juan Carlos Marquez Ruiz

RGB Leds Controlled  with a sensor. Description: 4 RGB leds will light in a different color depending on the value of the sensor e.g. 1.Lowest values will light the  first led to color- white, as the value is increasing the … Continue reading

Astrid Mody

Blurred pixilation- Blurring through varying textile laser-cut textiles and movement   In Blurred pixilation layered laser-cut textile constructions were designed in order to explore the diffusion of light by LED stripes. The aim of tests were to investigate the phenomena … Continue reading

Kaisi Rosin

My project is about possibilities. It’s about doing the groundwork for engineers and researching the artists job in the field of textiles+technology. I have no intention of being an engineer, that is why my work will be celebrating the smartness … Continue reading

Sandra Österling

A room for energy. I wanted to work with a room as a source for energy. My first thought were that we need light, therefore, I wanted to make a room where the light interact with the person within. While … Continue reading

Tatiana Kroupinina

Work a miracle My research question is «How to call people’s attention to the problem of the loss of cultural identities in order to improve one’s self-understanding?» Analyzing the current situation I understood that the reason of losing a cultural … Continue reading

Jo – Anne Kowalski

  *** dead skin VS technology / e-textile course development What about / excerpt of design program Living machines is about investigating textile through 2 notions : informa- tions and interfaces. The idea is to create some kind of textile … Continue reading

Kaisa Karawatski

 The Happy Bleeping Octopus Project The Assignment Thinking about  a suitable project for the Textile+Technology course I gravitated towards integrating technology with knitting. I’m especially interested in the possibility of making technology soft and comforting, adding the function that the … Continue reading

Una baldvinsdóttir

Positive Growth. Nature – Growth – Culture My project is about the investigation of materials designed for greenhouses.; what they can stand for in a broad conceptual and cultural context as well as working  with the more inherent and aesthetic … Continue reading