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digital FIKA 2011 AW

The next Digital FIKA is on 26th October (Wed)
We will look into “how to use LED with Arduino”

Digital Fika is back in business.
The following date is the schedule for 2011 Autumn and Winter.
September : 13th (Tue), 21st (Wed)
October: 4th (Tue) , 11th (Tue), 18th (Tue), 26th(Wed)
November: 1st(Tue), 22nd (Tue)
December: 6th , 13th (Tue), 20th (Tue)
It will be from 15:00 to 16:30 (open end)

The following is the electronics demo schedule

  • How to use multimeter

  • Introduction to Arduino and Lilypad
  • What is pull down/up resistors?

  • How to read sensor inputs in Arduino

  • How to control LED from Arduino (on/off, fading)
How to control switches (transistor/mosfet/relay)

  • How to control servo motor

  • How to control DC motor (H bridge)
  • What is Peltier Junction?

  • What is Muscle Wire?

  • How to control EL wire and panels
    1. We will alternate one week with electronics demo, and another week with information exchange and project presentations.
      The next week (September 21st) will be about ISEA 2011 report by Mika.

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