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Movement and Smart Textiles workshop

The Movement and Smart Textiles workshop will be held at The Swedish School of Textiles on the 17th-18th of October 2011. The workshop will be led by Jayachandran Palazhy, Artistic Director of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. The Attakkalari Repertory Company has evolved a unique movement language and is at the forefront of interdisciplinary works in India. It is driven by its underlying philosophy – ‘Traditional Physical Wisdom, Innovation and Technology. (

During the workshop we will explore both movement as a material in smart textiles as well as look to find new expressions of movement through smart textiles. Participants will be provided with samples of textile stretch sensors, thermochromic ink fabrics and other smart materials to experiment with. It will be an intense session of learning, sharing knowledge and discussions around the theme of Movement and Smart Textiles and hopes to initiate deeper research and exploration in the same area.

Jayachandran will also be speaking at the Design Seminar at The Swedish School of Textiles on the 18th of October at 1pm. All are welcome to this presentation.

more pictures from the workshop:

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