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“Technology + Textiles”, E-textiles Course at the Swedish School of Textiles

Time: Feb 2nd – March 23rd, on Thursday 13-17, Friday 9-17 weekly
Location: The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås, Sweden
Lecturer: Mika Satomi
Guest Lecturer: Mili Tharakan, Laerke Andersson, Marcus Wendin
Course Blog:

The course amis to introduce basic skills and knowledge on e-textile practices such as electronics, programming and e-textiles specific material knowledge. You do not need previous knowledge or experience on E-textiles to attend. The lecture/workshops are scheduled on every Thursday afternoon and Friday whole day. Please see the below syllabus to see the detail content of the course. (current plan, it may change)

The course is part of MA study at the Swedish School of Textiles. It will be possible to arrange a credit for PhD students. If you are interested in joining the course, please contact Hanna Landin (hanna [dot] landin [at] hb [dot] se), who is a MA study coordinator at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Student’s Final Project

Jo – Anne Kowalski “Living machines”
Explored technique: Shape Memory Alloy

Una baldvinsdóttir “Positive Growth.”
Explored technique: LED, EL wire

Kaisa Karawatski “The Happy Bleeping Octopus”
Explored technique: Stretch Sensor, Buzzer

Astrid Mody “Blurred Pixilations”
Explored technique: LED array

These are just an excerpt of the final project. For more, please visit >>


Meeting1 : February 2nd, 3rd
Design process: Step by step E-textile design process
Making-of: We will look into some of the projects (i.e. Intimacy, Laser Dress, Perfect Human) to learn how e-textile projects are realized.
Hands-on Workshop:
Arduino 101 (blink LED, serial print, button, potentiometer, buzzer)
(small homework project: Arduino exercise)

Meeting2 : February 9th, 10th
We will look into example projects that has interesting fabric sensor/interaction scheme (i.e. secret keeper gloves, hug shirt, massage me)
Hands-on Workshop:
Introduction to e-textile materials
Sensing: How to make fabric sensors (button, pressure, stretch, stroke, tilt… so on)
Sensing: How to read sensor inputs into Ardino/ computers

Meeting3 : February 16th, 17th
We will look into example projects with light (i.e., see-thru-me, optic fiber weave)
Hands-on Workshop:
LED (fade, controlling multiple LED with transistors)
EL wire ( with TRIAC control from Arduino)

Meeting4 : February 23rd, 24th
We will look into example projects that is using textile movements (i.e. Hussein Chalayan’s 111 collection, Living Pod, Bacterial Motility, Meg’s origami move tutorial)
Hands-on Workshop:
Motor (servo motor)

Meeting5 : March 1st,2nd
Thermochromic print dynamic design strategy
Ambikraf: computer controlled TC design (by Mili Tharakan)
Hands-on Workshop:
TC design exercise with computer controlled heat fabric

Meeting6 : March 8th,9th
Design Exercise: how you can design critically, how you can conceptually develop a technology projects (by Laerke Andersson)
Hands-on Workshop:
project development discussions, prototyping

Meeting7 : March 15th,16th
Hands-on Workshop:
project development

Meeting8 : March 22nd,23rd
Sustainable design for e-textiles (by Marcus Wendin /Miljögiraff )
Presentation :
the final project outcome

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