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rhythm exercise_13in1

Abstract: The exhibit 13in1 is an example of my PhD research work which aims to answer the following research question: What does it mean to explore time and changing expression, in the form of continuous movement as an integral part of textile design? The aim is to create time-based textiles, which examine the aesthetics of movement as a fourth-dimensional element in textile design. Light, in relation to textile structure is the main medium of the investigation.

The exhibit is part of a series of experiments, named rhythm exercise, which explore new ways of designing with time-based parameters to create dynamic light-emitting textile structures. This series of experiments focuses on the creation of light sequences, which explore how different expressions of movement, rhythm, tempo, play and pause create dynamic tensions.

Jansen, B., rhythm exercise_13 IN 1 . In Ambience’11 Exhibition, CTF The Swedish School of Textiles, University College of Borås (2011).


Photographer: Henrik Bengtsson Imaginara


Graphics: Barbara Jansen: notations, composing rhythmic light sequences

Photographer: Henrik Bengtsson, Imaginara, Sweden



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