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Suicidal Teapot

Suicidal Teapot is a teapot, which hits itself until it breaks. We may sympathize with its action as an attempt of suicide, or may observe its motion as a pure mechanical function. In any case, the self-destruction continues until the teapot shatters into pieces, splashing out the tea it contains. The destruction will be completed with high-voltage short-circuit blast on the fabric circuit beneath. You may use this teapot as a suicidal apparatus, by sitting beside with a cup of tea and waiting until the final moment arrives. If you are lucky, you will be “properly” electrocuted.

by Mika Satomi

teapot, fabric, thread spool, wire, nails, thermoplastic, conductive thread, lilypad, transformers, electronic components, thread

This project was made as a part of “Chi-TEK tea party” project, organized and commissioned by MeZTEK.
I would also like to thank Gabriel Wegscheider and Ingo Randolf for their support and advice during the first prototyping phase. I believe technology is there for both man and woman.

Chi-TEK tea party, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK (2011)

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