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Designing Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites

Designing Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites – Part 3. Irreversible Dynamic Patterns Researcher on this project: Zuzana Šebeková A series of pattern designs for textile composite materials for interior and/or exterior use, i.e. furniture The project is part of  the doctoral thesis, which investigates the design possibilities of surface, pattern and colour design of hemp/flax visual composites. This series focuses on the phenomena of  naturally ageing, using the properties of certain pigments and dyes to react differently to the impact of long term exposition to sunlight (UV-spectrum). The goal is to design these dynamic patterns to appear in different expressions over a long period of time (1to 3 years depending on the sun exposure and climate). The changing expressions of the materials are designed go hand in hand with the ecological aspect of sustainability of these composites (made of natural fibres and resins). The printing of the pattern is designed to happen in a 1step manufacturing technique when the composite is set.

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