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Sound-based Thinking and Design Practices with Embodied Extensions


You are welcome to register for the workshop Sound-based Thinking and Design Practices with Embodied Extensions, which will be held in TEI’20, Sydney Australia!

How can we extend our hearing sense within embodied practices? This studio focuses on sonic and electromagnetic fields as intangible materials with distinctive qualities and methods of interaction. It invites participants to explore the notion of extended body by augmenting their natural hearing abilities through body-space-object interactions. Within the analog and radio-frequency (RF) sonic extenders, participants will direct, block, amplify, and filter sounds, and perceive the surrounding electromagnetic landscape, thereby creating a “super sense” of heightened audition. Using soundwalking and soundmapping as methods, participants are invited to explore transitive sonic forms that change their qualities and content over time in downtown Sydney.

TEI 2020 is the 14th annual conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction. It will be held 9-12 February 2020 in Sydney, Australia.

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