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Anne Britt Torkildsby

Anne Britt TorkildsbySketch 2011-04-04 18_41_51 copy

PhD Student, Smart Textile Design Lab

The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås

Contact: Anne_Britt.Torkildsby []

To cut a long story short, from where I stand as an industrial designer, I consider an object, such as a cover, to be produced by humans in a certain way or fashion. That is, the cover has its own method of construction; it comes with an outline saying that its essence is e.g. to keep someone warm. This “real meaning” is given even before the cover exists, so that we as designers can bring another piece into life by making it from this specific plan. However, there is a well-known problem with this way of thinking; since none of us really know when, where, why, by whom and most importantly how the object is used, we will not be able to fully determine its essence. This, moreover, is when we move towards Borgman‘s notion of ‘focal things’ – more explicitly his ideas that things “(…) can have and hold this deeply disclosive power only if they are so designed” (Borgman 1984). This is what has occupied my mind the three last years…

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