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“The same is never the same when it returns. Even if we can not tell it apart from its previous occurrence. Every single repetition is far from being what it would have been as a singular event. In this sense every recurring event trying to repeat the unrepeatable, makes an attempt that is comprehensible and paradoxical at the same time.”
(Barbara Musil 2009)

The temporal pattern on the garment is a trace of repetition the performer attempt to perform. The permanent loop she creates is a mere illustration of worldly impermanence. And yet, nothing is purely random. Within a sequence of undefined length, every element is a part of an infinite loop of a singular repetition.
We tend to see a pattern in every occurrence of an event, in every flock of objects. The repetition gives us a calming cradle of a mother’s arm. There are certain aesthetics in repeating patterns that we can not deny its beauty.
The performers are given one order: “repeat” Their improvised repetitive motion will start to leave repetitive patterns on the garment’s surface, adding another dimension to the design of the garments, which are created under the theme: “Repetition”.

*These images are taken at the performance at the Ambience 11
Choreography: Tim Matiakis
Dancer: Julie Valentin
Videographer: Dimitris Vulalas

“Repetition” is a Fashion Design and E-textile design project, which explore the use of thermo-chromic ink fabric and its interaction when designing a garment for performance art centering the body and movement as its design element.

Project created by:
Lotta Lundstedt
Delia Mihaela Dumitrescu
Anna Persson
Mika Satomi

Publication: Dumitrescu, D., Lundstedt, L., Persson, A., Satomi, M. 2012. Repetition: interactive expressions of pattern translations. Proceedings of The Art of Research, November, Helsinki, Finland.




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