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Pattern Lab

The aim of this on-going practice-based research project is to explore and discuss the relationships between textile pattern, pattern effects, spatiality, scale and surface from the perspective of textile design.

This research project explore whether it is possible to describe and see aesthetic qualities and explain these aesthetic experience in relation to spatiality.
To study these interactions the purpose is to develop design tools and design methods both physical and digital, but also to prepare educational material for textile design students.
The development of a full-scale Pattern Laboratory is a project connected directly to the investigated area, Textile Pattern and Spatiality. The Pattern Lab can be compared to a textile test chamber, where conceivable to study how patterns of all kinds are experienced for signifying practices by way of the arts. Like fashion designers associate to the body by the use of a test manikin, the Pattern Lab makes it possible to explore and observe how textile patterns and the textile material relates to various kinds of spatiality in relation to surrounding elements such as sound, light and movements.
The development of provisional spatiality is essential in the project. The patternĀ“s ability to create sensuous reactions, for instance satisfaction or discontent, but also the importance of bringing order to pattern and pattern construction, are key terms for this project.

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