Smart Textiles Design Lab Blog at The Swedish School of Textiles

Smart Textiles Workshop: Hyperbody and Smart Textiles at the University of Borås


Hyperbody’s MSc 2 Robotic Environments+Smart Textiles Design Lab

project workshop at the Swedish School of Textiles

Bob Heester, Dimitra Dritsa, Esther Slagter, Marien Teeuw

Delia Dumitrescu, Marjan Kooroshnia



Hyperbody’s MSc 2 Robotic Environments projects exhibited at Science Centre and V2_

Metatopia_exhibition, Media Lab, Prado Madrid

pics from the Metatopia exhibition(photo:Hyperbody)

P1190749 P1190678 P1190673 P1190643 P1190408PastedGraphic-3



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