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Crafting butterfly lace- Conductive Multi-color sensor-Actuator Structure

Kristi Kuusk, Marjan Kooroshnia and Jussi Mikkonen

The development of Butterfly Lace started and carried on as an extension of ArcinTex network workshop (Arcintex, 2014). Multi disciplinary team of researchers collaborated while situated in three countries, to realize conductive multi-color sensor-actuator structure. Over several prototyping sessions, Skype conversations and e-mail exchange, the lace is made in a traditional lace factory in Eindhoven, dyed in Boras and electronic component circle designed as well as assembled during a Berlin residency.

The work describes background and methods involved in the development of Butterfly Lace, a conductive multi-color sensor-actuator structure that lies in the intersection of traditional craft and smart materials.


The work will be presented at ISWC, Osaka, Japan in Sept. 7-11 2015


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