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Smart Textile Sample Collection

We are making a collection of smart textiles to support experimental design projects with different basic smart textiles, to make it easy to sketch directly in the textile. To try design ideas as well as making different small scale applications and prototypes, also to get a personal experience and to learn about smart textile materiality. This project also include a series of workshops as mean to communicate the material possibilities.

Researchers on this project:
Linnea Nilsson, Riikka Talman, Hanna Landin, Marjan Kooroshnia,Delia Dumitrescu, Anna Persson, Linda Worbin (contact)

Smart Textile Sample Collection No. 1
This is the first heat sensitive thermochromic print for the collection. A rotation print with grey TC (thermochromic ink) on a plain cotton weave.
The pattern is designed to fit sketching with the textile it self. The design aim to support a variety of expressions in the limited pattern report. The pattern consist of four different repeated expressions; grey dots on white, overlapping grey dots, grey and white lines/stripes and overlapping grey lines for a surface totally covered with grey TC. Linnea Nilsson and Linda Worbin

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