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Knitted Light

researcher on this project: Delia Dumitrescu

An interactive textile collection to be used as a complement to glass facades.

The project Knitted Light (Dumitrescu,2010) investigated the relation between the textile pattern and space transformation in relation to the dynamics of natural light as related to spatial interactions. Light knitted patterns were designed, patterns which visual appearance change in response to human presence. A textile structural technique used to create wearable garments was placed in a new material context to create textural expressions of an architectural nature. Therefore, steel yarns and stiff polyester monofilaments, which belong to the architectural material palette, were selected for the knitting of three-dimensional patterns. The textile surfaces have complex properties and are capable of reflecting, filtering and transmitting light. The surfaces were designed in such a way that their functional values, to redirect sunlight or to conduct electrical currents, were hidden in the pattern of the structure.

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