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Dreaming vase

Dreaming vase is an object exemplifying my practice-based research project aiming to explore the creative design potential of photoluminescent pigment  in textile printing. The object is a two layer glass vase, inlaid with a printed surface-pattern that creates a two phase pattern; a pattern that can demonstrate an identical form at daylight as well as at darkness but with two different expressions. The Dreaming vase displays the development of dynamic surface-patterns, and the use of photoluminescent pigment in printing surface-patterns as it adds an extra quality to the object by emitting light without using any electricity.

Researcher: Marjan Kooroshnia

It has been presented at Smart textile salon 2013.

On top, there are some images of project called Dreaming vase (the pictures have been taken by Jan Berg), as well as presentations done at Smart textile salon 2013/ 6th of June 2013/ Ghent (the Pictures have been taken by Oscar Tomico).


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