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Textile Forms in Movement

Hybrid design materials are emerging in architectural design, materials which in various ways relate the digital and physical prototyping spaces to each other.  Exploring these new dynamic materials all the way from surface construction up to the interaction context in the design process provides an understanding of the expressive possibilities they may generate for space design.

By designing spatial and temporal expressions of movement through interactive textiles in a physical context, the project develops knowledge out of material practice, i.e. basic research carried out for a better understanding of the expressiveness of interactive textiles in space. The explorations started within the design of material expression, where different knitted structures were complemented by computation. By adding programmable servomotors in design experiments, static patterns of textiles are enriched with dynamic patterns and the increased capability of changing the expressions of the textiles are explored from an interaction design perspective.



film 2

Researchers on this project:
Delia Dumitrescu
Hanna Landin (contact)

previous collaborators:
Mika Satomi
Anna Vallgårda
Linda Worbin

A Wall Hanging as an Organic Interface
An Interactive Textile Hanging: Textile, Spaces and Interaction


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